Fire Warden Course

Fire Warden Course


In order to ensure effective fire safety, all companies have to appoint a sufficient number of employees in accordance with the legal requirements who can ensure evacuation and fight developing fires. This number of employees must be in proportion to the total number of employees and the hazards of the company. According to §10 ArbSchG and ASR 2.2, para. 6.2, at least 5% of the employees must be trained as fire wardens!  In addition, a sufficient number of employees must be trained in the use of fire extinguishing equipment.


The course is targeted at the following group of participants:

  • Employees who are to be or already are responsible for fire safety duties
  • Technical and administrative staff
  • Occupational safety officers


We provide you with the knowledge of all relevant aspects of preventive, defensive and organisational fire safety according to the Occupational Health and Safety Act and DGUV 205-023.

In addition to an overview of the current legal regulations, you will learn the basics of fire safety in the workplace - from structural fire safety to fire safety education and handling fire extinguishers.


The evacuation of buildings and the dangers to be expected are dealt with as well.


As a fire warden, you will not only be able to extinguish fires with the available equipment, but you will also know what measures to take to evacuate a building.


The duration of the course is 6 teaching units and includes e.g. the following topics:

  • ArbSchG, ArbStättV, ASR A2.2, DGUV 205-023
  • Fire safety organisation in a company
  • The fire warden
    • Behaviour in case of fire
    • Behaviour in case of evacuation
    • Determining the number of fire wardens
    • Responsibilities
    • Equipment of the fire warden
    • Fire safety plan
    • Introduction to evacuation procedures
  • Fire and extinguishing in theory and practice
    • Combustion process
    • Dangers caused by fires
    • Fire classes
    • Extinguishing agents and their effect
  • Fire-fighting equipment 
    • Fire-fighting equipment for laypersons
    • Operation of fire extinguishers
  • Practical training
    • Handling and application of fire extinguishing equipment
    • Extinguishing tactics and limits of fire fighting


After the course, your employer must instruct you in the local situation at your workplace. Afterwards you can be appointed as fire warden!

The course fees must be paid in advance.

If you have a declaration of cost takeover, we will send you an invoice after registration. Please pay this invoice.

If no proof of payment is presented and no money was received by the beginning of the course, the instructor is permitted to collect the course fee in cash or by card on site.


Duration: 6 lessons of 45 minutes each (7 hours including breaks)


Fee: 170 ,- EUR 


(we accept the following payment methods)


Pre-registration is required.

Please arrive 10 minutes before the course starts so that we can start on time. Thank you.


The course is aligned with § 10 of the German Occupational Health and Safety Act (ArbSchG) and ASR A2.2.